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The company’s main activity is engineering in end-construction work. We connect the investors and implementing companies on the Slovenian building market above al on the larger building -sites. The company implements its own advantage with employment of highly qualified overseers with broad expert knowledge, which constantly improve themselves so they can offer quality leadership and supervision to the customers.

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  Vander - New York Times
  Ortenia - The opening
  Nadzor gradnje
  Lara Bohinc - London
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  Consultants International
  Marta Studio
  Kemper system
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  Mehiska restavracija
  Velux okna
  Trgovina Kalcer
  Eko materiali
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Elitbau d.o.o. Trpinčeva 39, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, tel.: 386 (0)1 5473 508, fax: 386 (0)1 5473 511